Citrine for Abundance + Prosperity

A client asked recently how a crystal could help with their current financial stress. “A rock isn’t going to bring me money,” they commented. Well, not directly, but it could help with your abundance or financial issues.

Citrine is the stone to assist with prosperity and abundance!

Citrine is a form of Quartz that is a beautiful golden color. What most people are not aware of about Citrine is that most of what is found on the market is not real Citrine, it is heat-treated Amethyst. Amethyst is exposed to extremely high heat to “bake” them to change their color, so heat-treated “Citrine” has bright yellow or orange tips with white bases (and sometimes with a little purple amethyst). Natural Citrine is consistently either a very pale gold or a darker golden to almost brown that penetrates the entire crystal point. While opinions vary about the energies of “Citrine” vs. Natural Citrine, my personal belief is that heat-treated “Citrine” is going to feel different than natural Citrine and I invite you to FEEL the difference for yourself.

Are you feeling stuck or concerned about your financial life? Losing hours or a job, a crashing stock market, piles of unpaid bills, and more can create a mountain of fear all around us. While we still need to stay present in our money concerns to keep our lives intact, Citrine is here to encourage us to stay out of the fear that is created. Any fear we have will simply create more worry and panic, which does not keep us aligned with a higher perspective of universal support. It helps remind us that we are always abundant, that all our “wealth” is within and that we are always provided for in numerous ways.

We are reminded by Citrine, however, that abundance comes in many forms, not just financial. We can have an abundance of the heart, love, family, friends, a stable job, living our passions, health, etc. Remember that truly living in joy and abundance simply creates more of what you love.

Citrine is also a solar plexus chakra stone to work with our self-esteem and self-worth issues. If you are experiencing any sort of transformation or releasing past issues, we may feel a little off balance. Citrine will help integrate any new energies that come in to support the new You. It is deeply supportive of personal strength and will.

We can use Citrine in practical ways such as in a cash register (for store or business owners), a wallet or purse, or in a grid or altar with other stones for prosperity and our manifestation lists. Place Citrine in the wealth corner using Feng Shui, or carry a piece with you to feel supported and stable in your emotional life.

Citrine is a positive gift that everyone should experience!

Want to know more about the difference between Natural Citrine and Heat Treated Citrine? Read a blog here about it!

You can SHOP for Citrine here!

A note about crystals and stones: they do not “heal” us. They do remind us of who we are, however, which is always perfect and divine, but we sometimes forget this fact. The law of resonance applies when working with the mineral kingdom, which is ‘like attracts like’. When we bring our bodies and energies into contact with a crystal or stone, we will resonate or vibrate at the same level. This resonance teaches us to embody the gift or “personality” of the crystal. And the usual disclaimer: always consult a medical doctor or mental health practitioner when in need.

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