In Depth: Rose Quartz

At the beginning is love, in the middle is love, at the end is love. Love is the center and the All.
- Rose Quartz spirit

Welcome to our first edition of In Depth, a blog series featuring detailed information and usages of specific crystals and stones. As we began exploring the energies of crystals and stones and which to feature first, Rose Quartz showed itself as the first offering.

Themes of various emotional, physical, or spiritual energies tend to change every few weeks or months (noticed in my own life or my community, or just felt in the general consciousness), and many people have been talking about opening their heart more, feeling very connected to the larger Love of the universe, or the opposite of feeling frustrated with themselves or their relationships and experiencing deep emotional purging on many levels.

Rose Quartz is all about love and staying centered within our hearts.

To me, one can never have too much of it. As life throws us challenges, anxiety, chaos, or confusion, Rose Quartz brings us right back to our heart center with a deep breath and a deep hug from the love of the Universe. It relates to the heart chakra, the 4th chakra that deals with our hearts.

Our heart space is where we are fully connected to ourselves and our spirit. Deep within we know. We feel. As the spirit of the Rose Quartz stated, Love is All and is the Oneness that we strive for as humans.

Emotionally, Rose Quartz opens our hearts to love ourselves and others, to help us feel worthy of the love that we ARE. Acceptance of this all-encompassing love is what brings us to true freedom and joy! Its nurturing spirit offers us freedom from jealousy, judgments, or criticism, especially when focused on ourselves. Our capacity for self-love is the base of being able to love and respect others, and Rose Quartz’s gift is being a mirror of our perfection.

Rose Quartz qualities

Most everyone knows about the beautiful pink Rose Quartz. It’s a member of the Quartz family, its pink coloring created from iron and titanium, which can range from very pale to very rich pink.

Historically, beads of Rose Quartz dating back to Mesopotamia have been found. Romans believed this stone signified ownership, Egyptians thought it prevented aging, and in the Middle Ages it was used in “healing potions.” Unlike its Clear Quartz counterpart, it actually is rarely found in crystal form, but is a lovely collector’s item when found. The stone is found all over the world in locations such as South Dakota (US), Madagascar, and Brazil.

A personal story

In the summer of 2001, my friends Marilyn and Tohmas Twintreess, who sell crystals and have written books about them, were in town visiting. Being crystal listeners, they tune in to crystals in a different way, with their whole being. On this particular visit, Tohmas walked into my house with a huge 44 pound beautiful Rose Quartz chunk. "This is yours."

Oh. Well. Alrighty then.

They’d just come from gathering a very large and very old collection of South Dakota Rose Quartz, and it was all laid out on an open trailer behind their truck. After they picked it up, they traveled up to the east coast and back to their home base in Arizona. The Rose Quartz was all gone by the time they returned home.

It struck me that they were delivering love all around the country, spreading the compassion and quiet peace to various locations. Needless to say, September 2001 was a historic month in our country, one that needed an influx of love and compassion. Their cross-country trip seemed pretty divinely guided.

As for my 44 pound Rose Quartz? Even though I’ve stubbed my toe on it a few times, I feel very lucky to have such a gem in my personal collection and it has reminded me to always stay in Love.

What are some ways you can use Rose Quartz?

Rose Quartz is ideal in jewelry worn over the heart for compassionate support when you’re experiencing anxiety.

Consider placing a piece in your bedroom for gentle healing and relaxation as you sleep.

Since Rose Quartz is a heart chakra stone, it can be placed on the heart (or other higher chakras) during a healing or meditation for harmony and balance in this area.

The gifts of the mineral kingdom are immense, so remember to stay open to the possibilities of different gifts specifically for you! With much LOVE I am grateful to share!

A note about crystals and stones: they do not “heal” us. They do remind us of who we are, however, which is always perfect and divine, but we sometimes forget this fact. The law of resonance applies when working with the mineral kingdom, which is ‘like attracts like’. When we bring our bodies and energies into contact with a crystal or stone, we will resonate or vibrate at the same level. This resonance teaches us to embody the gift or “personality” of the crystal. And the usual disclaimer: always consult a medical doctor or mental health practitioner when in need.

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