Amethyst In Depth

Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals around the world, known for its beautiful rich purple color in the quartz family. It is found in locations around the globe, including Brazil, Mexico, Africa, and each mine creates a wide variety of coloring and formations.

For example, the most commonly found Amethyst from Brazil comes in large geode’s of light to dark coloring, sometimes with other inclusions such as Calcite or Cacoxenite. And Brandberg Amethyst from South Africa forms in stunningly beautiful single points or clusters with Amethyst or Smoky Quartz Phantoms (phantom-like, whispy internal tips that mimic the crystals growth), enhydro’s (water bubbles), and other inclusions. I share this fact with you so you can feel the difference in their energies, as each location will create slightly different gifts within each stone.

Amethyst has been found throughout history, including being prominent in Egypt where it was buried with mummies, and used as funding with neighboring countries, as well as used in the Renaissance, and more recently as part of the British Crown Jewels.

Amethyst will work with our personal energies to transform any lower frequency to a higher frequency.

Going through an intense life challenge? Amethyst presents itself to help clear the last residue of what no longer serves our highest good, so that the new glorious movement come in to our lives. Amethyst has gentle detoxification properties, helping us release stuck energies or old habits or thoughts from our energy centers. Once the clearing is finished, it brings in a beautiful support of transformation, clarity, and connection.

This is the perfect stone to have next to your bed or to sit with during meditation as you consider what you want to create in your life. Amethyst will assist in supporting your new creations. It has the ability to bring forth a deeper connection to our wishes and intentions.

Amethyst historically is known as a "sobriety stone", since its name originates from the Greek meaning “not drunken.” It can assist in clearing any form of addiction, whether it is alcohol, food, or negative behaviors. A well known alcohol treatment facility in my home state of Minnesota has large geodes of Amethyst placed throughout the buildings as decorative, but energetically we can guess they are assisting the patient’s recoveries. Amethyst will work with our personal energies to transform any lower frequency (addiction) to a higher frequency. It gently clears our aura’s and all chakra’s and is helpful for any energy healing when placed in a grid around yourself or a client.

Amethyst is also a great stone for connecting with our spirituality and psychic abilities. It opens our crown chakra (which is also a purple color), so that we can open to the divine light that is all around us all the time (and IS us). Its calming and meditative energies allow our bodies and energies to relax to be in a receptive state. It can be used for lucid dreaming, channeling, astral travelling, as well as deep meditation.

Think of Amethyst as your new beginning support system. Its gifts are so encouraging and uplifting, and can help clear our resistance to change. As our lives are sometimes a mystery, it will guide us to what is perfect and divine.

A note about crystals and stones: they do not “heal” us. They do remind us of who we are, however, which is always perfect and divine, but we sometimes forget this fact. The law of resonance applies when working with the mineral kingdom, which is ‘like attracts like’. When we bring our bodies and energies into contact with a crystal or stone, we will resonate or vibrate at the same level. This resonance teaches us to embody the gift or “personality” of the crystal. And the usual disclaimer: always consult a medical doctor or mental health practitioner when in need.

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