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Find Your Inner Sparkle
Find Your Inner Sparkle!
Are you looking for more contentment? A deeper connection to life? Possibly looking for a new way to grow spiritually?
Your inner sparkle is where you have are your authentic SELF that radiates with light!
How do we access it?
Crystals, stones, flower & gem essences, essential oils, and other tools of transformation
are just one way to get that rock star centeredness.

They're just waiting to be put to use to help us create the life of our dreams and our spirits to GLOW!

In Depth: Rose Quartz

At the beginning is love, in the middle is love, at the end is love. Love is the center and the All. – Rose Quartz spirit Welcome to our first edition of In Depth, a blog series featuring detailed information and usages of specific crystals and stones. As we began exploring the energies of crystals…

Choose Your Words Carefully

I want to share some insights I have been getting over the past few days. It’s not easy to share since it can be contrary to what we feel we are supposed to “do” as lightworkers and healers. Please take this guidance as you wish. As so much happens on the planet and in our…

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