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At Crystalline Light, we understand that in today's fast-paced world, it can be challenging to find inner peace and achieve spiritual growth.

That's why we offer a wide variety of healing crystals and gemstones from an everyday perspective that can help you align your energy, balance your chakras, and keep you grounded in your human life.

Crystalline Light is a human-centered
crystal lifestyle company for modern mystics

We are here with years of crystal experience to be your guide to all things crystals and wellness through the online shop and online courses.

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Human-Centered = Down to Earth, Real Life, Self Care.


We want to share down to earth information and insights. This means we offer as ethically sourced crystals as possible (to our knowledge), and create relationships with our vendors. Most of selections are hand-chosen and intuitively guided.


We are not a woo-woo, metaphysical company, Yes, crystals ARE pretty out there, but we want to bring them to your REAL life. Our intention is to help you connect with your SELF and to use crystal healing energy as a tool for important self care.


The deeper way crystals connect with us is by teaching self care. They ask us to slow down, look within, nurture ourselves, do what we need to do to grow. Self care tools + education are at the core of our company, and we will always encourage you to keep self care in your daily life.

We take pride in our personalized customer service. If there are crystals or products you don't see on our site,
just shoot us a message. We have many items in stock that are not online, and can send you photo's and details.

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