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As a self-taught crystal intuitive and teacher, I've played with rocks my whole life. My childhood was filled with agates and rocks, fossils that my grandfather collected, and other trinkets. Little did I know that in early adulthood, I would discover the magical realm of crystals. My business was started without really a thought, after a friend handed me a bunch of Danburite and said, "Here, sell these." And it is completely what I was meant to do with my life and is my passion. I have an innate knowing about crystals that I love to share with my customers and students.
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Happy Customers

She really has some beautiful stone spirits available for adoption. What's more significant in my mind is that she works in integrity and love, which factors highly into my decisions about where to acquire stones. When people treat the stones with love and reverence, maintain their integrity in their business practices and have a genuine interest in helping others the end result is always very powerful for all involved. I hope folks will check out her website. Beautiful site and the stone spirits are really lovely!

I highly recommend following Crystalline Light! Not just an expert on crystals and rocks, but also generally wise and knowledgeable about all kinds of things that will help you keep yourself feeling joyful and whole and happy!

Hey have followed C.L for years. This amazing women knows her stuff!!! She’s the real deal. I’ve trained this art since I was 9. Decades later, I have found someone whose knowledge, wisdom, and intuition supports everything I know.

Just received the white agate and citrine essential oil pendant. It is gorgeous and of great quality. I love it. It will be my new favorite piece for sure. Thank you

Jennifer is very knowledgeable and gifted. Met her many years ago and enjoy obtaining crystals, jewelry, etc from her. Highly recommend her.

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