Fake Citrine VS Natural Citrine Crystals

Ahh lovely Citrine!

There is an ongoing debate about citrine in the crystal market. It’s an easy mistake to think most “citrine” seen on the market is natural, when in fact it is heat treated amethyst (subjected to extreme heat levels). I have been a vocal educator for as long as I have sold crystals, wanting people to have the correct information about citrine. While many people feel the fake citrine is natural and still carries the energy of citrine (abundance, self confidence, much more), people have varying opinions. I invite you to decide for yourself.

Here are my thoughts on the subject for you in a video!

I’d love to hear your own thoughts in the comments below. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Fake Citrine VS Natural Citrine Crystals”

  1. chelsea

    my name is chelsea.
    on my vacation last week I found this stone in a little shop and I just had to buy it I don’t know why..

    now I find out that it is a heat treated citrine.
    so my question is does it mater if it is I mean it more or less choose me right.
    and now I don’t know what the healing purpose is.
    or doesn’t it matter what it is.

    I’m really sensitive for other people’s energie and thing around me.
    I don’t know if the extra info helps

    1. Hi Chelsea! Sounds like your intuition was leading you. Even if it’s heat treated citrine, you likely need it for a reason. And that reason could be to help give more “life” to the crystal … rather than it helping you, you’re helping it! Though I do still think it’s helping you too. Hope that makes sense! Enjoy it, regardless. 🙂

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