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Crystals and stones

Crystal Alignments: Shiva Lingam blog

The Earth knows when certain stones are ready for their “time” and makes them known to us. Throughout our lives certain stones may come and go, or become more endeared for their energies, or just suddenly be found in many different places in your

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Crystal Healing: Skeptics Invited

Have you ever been captivated by the beauty of crystals and gemstones? Maybe you’ve wondered if they really have healing powers or simply marveled at their dazzling colors and magnetic allure. Believe it or not, crystals and gemstones are believed to possess natural healing

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Tips for Getting to Know a New Crystal

In this YouTube video, owner of Crystalline Light, Jennifer, shares different ways to get to know your crystals. Sitting with your crystal and listening to your crystal are both effective ways to get to know your crystal. Jennifer also recommends keeping a journal for

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