About Crystalline Light

What IS Crystalline Light?

Crystalline Light is a crystal lifestyle company offering crystals + handcrafted artisan tools to energize your life.

Our mission is to provide beautiful crystals + gemstones that are predominately hand selected for their energy + high quality at a reasonable price to you.

Since 2001, we have attended the Tucson Gem Show and other local gem shows to hand select the majority of our inventory. We have created relationships with dealers and miners to bring you great prices and a variety that may not be readily available.

Our artisan goods are handcrafted in small batches with high quality and as organic as possible ingredients.

Our packaging is repurposed and recyclable.

We take great pride in our company to offer you personalized customer service.

Official Bio:

Jennifer Salness is a Crystal Intuitive and Teacher, and owner of a crystal lifestyle company. Her passion for crystals and stones began at a young age, thanks to her science teacher grandfather who always had 'rocks' around the house. She has written for publications, presented and workshops around the US, and has been a guest on online shows sharing about the crystal realm.

Through working with the crystals directly, she has developed her own style of teaching with practical, every day applications, and has a grounded and yet spiritually connected manner.

Jennifer is owner of Crystalline Light, a crystal lifestyle company offering high quality crystals and handcrafted crystal infused essential oil products. Her passion is helping your real life with the magic of crystals without the wierdo metaphysical stuff.

In her spare time, Jennifer loves spending time with her husband Thomas, 2 stepkids, and their families, being outdoors (her favorite places are Lake Superior and Tucson, Arizona), gardening, eating yummy local food, and travelling to new places. Laughing as much as humanly possible and living life NOW are at the core of her being.

More About Me ...
What's my background?

My upbringing in southwestern Minnesota plays a large part in who I am. My father is a Lutheran (ELCA) minister, we spent a lot of time in nature and around rocks (in Luverne, MN, and Mankato, MN, are very distinct rocks in the ground in both areas). I attended a Catholic high school, two Lutheran colleges, maintained I was atheist for a while, and finally discovered my own spiritual path through a variety of traditions (though not limited to them). I now realize everything I have learned has brought me to this point, where I am not separate from God and believe God is in everything around us and within us.

I started "accidentally" on a holistic path in 1996, when I started studying hands-on energy healing and other holistic and metaphysical methods. I am a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Flower Essence Practitioner & Producer, Certified Quantum Clairvoyant, and self-taught Crystal Intuitive. I continually study new healing modalities and have many mentors and teachers.

My love of connecting people with spiritual resources for their own inner growth has led me in the past years to create an online magazine, produce holistic expo's and events in the Twin Cities area, and host a 2 day conference on consciousness. I have been the co-host of an online tv show and podcast (long before youtube or blogtalk radio were popular), as well as an author on crystals and other holistic topics for a variety of online and print magazines. My additional business is also as a Business Consultant to small businesses in the creative, wellness, and holistic fields where I offer brainstorming sessions, website building, and social media consultations.

In late 2018, my business transitioned to a new home location when I moved in with the love of my life. It is a story and a half about my journey to find him, and includes all mindful, intentional actions, including crystal gridding. He is a large part of my business as support, gopher, and brainstormer.

In June 2018, my life changed dramatically with the diagnosis of Stage 3C Melanoma. I had 10 rounds of Immunotherapy treatments following surgery. In the spring of 2019, I had a recurrence in a lymph node, and had 46 lymph nodes removed with another 14 months of immunotherapy, finishing in May 2020. Through it all, I used holistic and mindful practices to stay calm, and I truly believe it kept side effects at bay. I share this info because it is a large part of my life and business. I am a Black Ribbon Army Warrior. And I want to raise awareness about good skin protection. Melanoma is the ONLY cancer that is 100% preventable by wearing sun protective clothing, sunscreen, and avoiding the sun and tanning beds. If you are a Melanoma Warrior, please feel free to contact me for support and encouragement, and for a complimentary crystal kit for peace of mind.

I look forward to meeting and assisting you on your path. Thank you!

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