4 Crystals for Your New Year Manifesting

Discover the transformative power of crystal energy this New Year for manifesting your dreams and goals. Crystals hold immense potential for aiding in the manifestation process and paving the way towards positive growth. Harness the powerful energy of crystals to amplify your intentions and take action towards realizing your aspirations.

Whether you carry, meditate with, or display them, crystals can enhance your journey towards a more fulfilling life. Curious about which crystals are ideal for New Year's crystal healing? Explore our collection and unlock the potential of crystal energy for your journey towards manifesting your dreams.

What are great crystals for the New Year energy?

Amethyst tumbles

1) Amethyst
Amethyst is a perfect stone for the new year to help us see new possibilities. It helps clear the physical environment around us from energy that isn't supportive, as well as our own inner world that may not be in alignment with a higher purpose or intention. Historically it is known as the "addiction stone", as it was used to sober up during the Middle Ages, and now it translates to being a force to overcome our own addictions in whatever form that may be for you (alcohol, food, negative thoughts, tv, facebook, people, etc). Amethyst's purple light is reminding us to reach higher, to connect to our own spiritual growth and guidance, to move our life forward.

2) Blue Kyanite
Sweet light blue Kyanite reminds us to stay aligned with our own intuition. It has a physical form of long, strong swords that remind us to stay strong and tall. This stone is all about connecting with our intuition and communicating that to the world. Kyanite is a stone that can help us manifest our life's work, our passion, our purpose. This stone will align all our chakra's, open and expand our aura, which then allows us to see the bigger picture of life.

3) Scolecite
This is such a cool stone! In it's raw form, Scolecite is long 'blades' of white that are very fragile and sharp. But when it is polished, it is a smooth and beautiful white stone that still shows the lines of blades. It asks us to give attention to ourselves with love, to be 'smooth' in our judgement of ourselves, to remember that we're fragile, but once we're given a new "form" of cohesive matter, we're stronger than we realize.

4) Selenite
Selenite is a stone that will connect us to our crown chakra and allow a flood of light to enter your being, and aligns us with MORE and Spirit.

Crystals are also believed to bring protection, healing, and support in times of need, making them a great tool to have in our lives during this new year.

In conclusion, crystals can be a powerful tool for manifesting your dreams and goals this New Year. By harnessing their energy, you can amplify your intentions and take positive steps towards realizing your aspirations. Whether you carry, meditate with, or display them, crystals can enhance your journey towards a more fulfilling life. So why not explore the world of crystal energy and see how it can support you in the coming year? Remember to choose crystals that resonate with you and your goals, and allow their energy to guide you towards positive growth and transformation.

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