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winter solstice crystals

Winter Solstice is an astronomical phenomenon that marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. It typically occurs around December 21st and marks the start of winter. During this time, the sun is at its lowest point …

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Crystal Meditation for Ease + Calm

We live at a time when stress, challenges, and overwhelm are highly common. It’s an unfortunate ‘side effect’ of our society right now, unless you have created a calmer, quieter life for yourself. What if you could have a few minutes of a guided …

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Awakening your intuition

We live at a time when the capacity to hear Spirit’s voice speaking within heart and mind has become greater, due to the intensification of light within the physical plane. As a result, even for those who have wandered far away from a spiritual …

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Types of crystals & stones

You are ready to add some crystals to your home and life. Here are a few examples of crystals to choose from: raw or rough crystals, clusters and geodes, slices, and points or wands. Raw or rough crystals are the crystals that come straight …

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Anxiety? Try these crystals!

Anxiety is unfortunately extremely prevalent in the current day and age. Most people will experience it at some point in their life. It may make it difficult to concentrate or be present in the moment. It can paralyze people from going out in the …

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Crystal Message from the Badlands

I recently returned home from a much needed vacation with my husband to South Dakota. A change of scenery and long road trips are so good for the soul. We enjoyed relaxing, experiencing an amazing natural hot spring resort, and visiting LOTS of rock shops. (We …

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Amazonite In Depth

Amazonite for Renewing Energy Ahhh Spring! Here in the northern region of the United States we are finally experiencing the start of Spring after a long winter during a pandemic. Talk about cabin fever! Spring always brings out the best in people, a lighter …

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Affirmations for Energy + Motivation

Affirmations and Intentions help us create focus and alignment with Spirit/God to make them real. When used in combination with crystal energy, we have more support for our intentions. Let’s focus on Energy + Motivation. Energy Flows Through Me. This is a powerful statement …

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Gratitude with Crystals

Today, I am grateful. Tomorrow, I will be grateful. I will be in a state of gratitude each day for the rest of my life.  In my journey the past 3 years of melanoma treatments, finding the love of my life, losing my dad, …

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