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Amazonite In Depth

Amazonite for Renewing Energy Ahhh Spring! Here in the northern region of the United States we are finally experiencing the start of Spring after a long winter during a pandemic. Talk about cabin fever! Spring always brings out the best in people, a lighter […]

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Affirmations for Energy + Motivation

Affirmations and Intentions help us create focus and alignment with Spirit/God to make them real. When used in combination with crystal energy, we have more support for our intentions. Let’s focus on Energy + Motivation. Energy Flows Through Me. This is a powerful statement

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Gratitude with Crystals

Today, I am grateful. Tomorrow, I will be grateful. I will be in a state of gratitude each day for the rest of my life.  In my journey the past 3 years of melanoma treatments, finding the love of my life, losing my dad,

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Top 3 Selenite Healing Tips

Selenite is a favorite stone to include in your space and your everyday living to help stay clear and balanced. Here are our Top 3 Tips for bringing Selenite energy into your life! 1) MEDITATION Selenite is a greatly underutilized stone for your meditations.

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I Am Filled with Energy

Affirmations and intentions are powerful. They shift our mindset to positive, life-filled thoughts. These affirmations are shared as a way to uplift your energy. Repeat them daily as needed. To include crystal energy with your affirmation, a few ideas: Program a Quartz Crystal with

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Getting to Know Your New Crystals

Do you wonder what to do when you recieve a new crystal? Not sure where to start? In this informative video, we discuss different ways to get to know your crystals. Sitting with your crystal and listening to your crystal are both effective ways

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Amethyst In Depth

Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals around the world, known for its beautiful rich purple color in the quartz family. It is found in locations around the globe, including Brazil, Mexico, Africa, and each mine creates a wide variety of coloring and

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Citrine for Abundance + Prosperity manifesting

A client asked recently how a crystal could help with their current financial stress. “A rock isn’t going to bring me money,” they commented. Well, not directly, but it could help with your abundance or financial issues. Citrine is the stone to assist with

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You are Here to be Free

You are here to be FREE. In all ways, always. FREEDOM! The reason you came to this planet as a human is to become the full, beautiful, radiant HUMAN that you are right now and always. So many people grow up learning to be

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easy tips for meditating from crystalline light

For millennia, people have sought methods to quiet their minds. Long before modern technology introduced new distractions into our lives, humans have pursued inner peace. If you’re seeking a method to quiet your mind and achieve inner peace, these four ancient techniques have proven

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