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Crystal Alignments: Shiva Lingam

The Earth knows when certain stones are ready for their “time” and makes them known to us. Throughout our lives certain stones may come and go, or become more endeared for their energies, or just suddenly be found in many different places in your life.

The Shiva Lingam’s are presenting themselves to share their gifts to the planet and our bodies.

Shiva Lingam’s are a naturally formed stone that come only from the Narmada River in India. Because of its extremely strong current during the high season, the stones are naturally tumbled to form an oblong or egg shape. During the dry season they are collected from the river bed by hand by only those who have been taught by their families what to look for in each stone. The tradition of hand-polishing with a special wax created from herbs has been passed down for generations and is applied only to protect the stone’s natural markings and shape.

Shiva Lingam balance
Shiva Lingam balance

The Shiva Lingam is very helpful for transformation, opening a path to new life, and to feel a sense of unity.

Each Shiva Lingam contains sacred markings of deep red’s and brown’s, and are said to have been come from a meteor striking the ground millions of years ago. More rare are all black Shiva Lingam’s. No two stones are alike, and they are found in sizes from a half inch to 9 feet.

Unfortunately the Narmada River is now being dammed, so the likelihood of stones being harvested is reducing.

Shiva Lingam’s have been used in traditional Hindu ceremonies for centuries. They are placed in temples as a symbol of the feminine and masculine aspects of life and have long been revered as a generator for soul consciousness. Typically they help us balance our female and male issues, blending our flow of “being” with our active “doing”. It can work with all chakra’s, and is connected to all of the elements (earth, air, water, fire). The Shiva Lingam is very helpful for transformation, opening a path to new life, and to feel a sense of unity. It can also activate kundalini energies.

The Shiva Lingam’s are here to teach us. Peace, patience, quiet listening. These qualities are the balance of the masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves. They are quietly creating a space for us to open our hearts to do our healing, our work, our creating, wherever it is we need assistance energetically. A wise friend I know said, “They ask us to bring our struggle up against our inner peace, and see where they meet.” Our struggles and challenges do not vanish until we look at it and see where we can shift it. By bringing the witness of our inner peace next to it, it may not seem as much of a struggle as once felt. They can work together to bring more balance.

Tucson Shiva Lingams

A large aspect of their gift on the planet at this time is to assist in opening the Crystalline Grid of the planet. The earth elementals and Earth Mother herself is activating the stones, mountains, volcanoes, seas, as well as our own bodies, within an energetic grid that connects all beings on the planet. The largest of the Shiva Lingam’s, between 4 and 9 feet tall, some of which are pure black, are being planted vertically at specific points around the United States and around the world. They are opening our hearts and connecting to a larger picture of what is possible on the planet: peace.

A simple yet profound way to work with their energies is to listen to it. It has messages for you. It is asking us to open our hearts, which then allows us to release with ease what we no longer need. The message of what to release will be different for everyone, and to consciously evolve and constantly grow is a gift of birth, renewal, and expansion.

A note about crystals and stones: they do not “heal” us. They do remind us of who we are, however, which is always perfect and divine, but we sometimes forget this fact. The law of resonance applies when working with the mineral kingdom, which is ‘like attracts like’. When we bring our bodies and energies into contact with a crystal or stone, we will resonate or vibrate at the same level. This resonance teaches us to embody the gift or “personality” of the crystal. And the usual disclaimer: always consult a medical doctor or mental health practitioner when in need.

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