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Wellness Through Crystals + Gemstones

Crystalline Light shared thoughts on using crystals for wellness and balance in the December 2016 issue of Natural Awakenings magazine, a local Minneapolis-St Paul magazine owned by my friend Jackie. Read the full article at http://www.natwincities.com/Twin-Cities/December-2016/Wellness-through-Crystals-and-Gemstones/ I’d love to hear your thoughts below on how

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8 Calming Crystals to Soothe Away Stress

Stress is part of life. It’s part of being human. Even if you have regular self-care routines or daily rituals to keep you feeling your best, sometimes life throws us surprises that can knock us off balance. Whether it’s our finances, relationships, health problems,

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Top Tips to Quiet Your Mind

If you are not overachieving and extremely busy in today’s society, you are the exception and not the norm. We are all guilty of this; we overextend, overachieve, and overstress ourselves to the point of breaking. Little do we realize, however, that we are

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Open Your Throat Chakra with Crystals

Speak your truth! Communicate clearly. Express yourself. All of these statements are governed by our Throat Chakra. This chakra is light blue in color and relates to our communication and expression. When we are willing to speak our truth, we stand in our own

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