Gratitude with Crystals

Today, I am grateful. Tomorrow, I will be grateful. I will be in a state of gratitude each day for the rest of my life.  In my journey the past 3 years of melanoma treatments, finding the love of my life, losing my dad, and a million other things, if there is one thing I'd have to choose that I learned, it is that gratitude heals.

Gratitude opens your heart.
Gratitude is appreciation for the little and big things that make our life happy.

Every day that I am breathing, with my family, and have a clear bill of health, I am grateful. I do not take anything for granted any more and know how blessed I am to have all of these seemingly simple things available to my life.

In our journey to living with more gratitude, there are indeed crystals that can support us! The common crystal would be Rose Quartz. The stone of compassion and love radiates its pink light to our hearts and to others. It reminds us that love is a healing tool, and can bring us into a state of gratitude. It is all about unconditional love.

My second crystal choice for gratitude would be Amber. Amber? Yes, the fossilized tree resin that is ancient. Amber is a reminder to us that we are strong. Resilient. Anchored. When we are embodying these things, we can cultivate gratitude from the possible challenges that caused us to be strong and resilient! This stone helps you to remain stable and flexible during challenges, and will help us with energy flow and life force when we have little reserves within ourselves.

Angelite has a sweet energy of oneness and connection. It invites in the angelic energies that are available, reminding us to be calm, protected, and connected to a flow of communication and creativity. This stone helps us to blend our physical world with our spiritual awareness, where we can find a centering energy of gratefulness.

Whatever brings you into a state of gratitude, use it. We are a better community when we have gratitude to share with each other.

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