Anchoring into the Earth with Crystals

One of my favorite activities is walking or biking through a wooded trail near my home, and every time I am amazed at nature. I see a bevy of animals, trees of all sizes and colors, ponds and birds.

When I leave, I feel reconnected and ANCHORED.

The earth is here to help us stay present and in the moment, and anchored INTO OUR BODIES.

During these times, which I don't even have to explain, it is especially important to stay grounded. FEEL your body. Be aware of what you are feeling in your body. Remember that your feet have a purpose of carrying you where you need to go, but also to connect you to the earth.

Walk barefoot outside.
Lie in a pile of fall leaves.
Bike in a beautiful location that inspires you.

Of course, there are also CRYSTALS to help you stay anchored.



Red Garnet is one of the best stones for staying grounded. Historically Garnet had been used as a protection amulet, and this can be true today, as when we are connected to the earth, we have natural protections around us. It reminds us that the deep rich red of garnet is here to connect our heart to our root chakra for optimal flow of energy. Garnet has heart energy galore, and when you can open your heart, a new flow of energy helps expand your capacity for many things. This stone helps bring a new flow of energy to any project or intention as well.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a perfect stone to enhance our root chakra so we can stay grounded and focused in our bodies and on the earth. If you are empathic (able to feel other people’s energy), as it absorbs negativity, is very protective, and shields you from other people’s energies or energy of EMF’s, computer rays, or other harmful man made energy.

Aragonite is a unique stone from Morocco and other locations. This stone is all about grounding and centering with the earth, anchoring into your root chakra and Earth Star Chakra, stabilizing your physical body. This stabilization allows for you to assist with healing, communication with higher realms, and accessing past lives. Aragonite an ancient stone containing much wisdom that can be used in our modern lives.

These are just a few suggestions. There are many options for grounding and root chakra crystals.

Now grab a crystal of your choice, get outside, and enjoy your time with the Earth!

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