8 Easy Steps for Clearing Your Space with Crystals

Spring - or ANY time of the year - is a perfect time for clearing out our stagnant, tired spaces and homes. Opening the windows, clearing out clutter, starting new projects - it all FEELS GOOD!

WHY do we want to clear our homes or offices? When we live our every day lives, energy can tend to become stagnant. Emotions, bad moods, arguments, and other energies can become "stuck" in a room or home over time. Factors such as a home being built on a ley line, near power lines, EMF's or other harmful electrical influences, can also effect our living area. Clearing it out on a regular basis keeps our space and our bodies clear provides a positive space for us to be vibrant, peaceful, joyful, or happy.

My favorite clearing tradition involves ... you guessed it ... crystals! This Any Time of the Year Cleaning Ritual is quick and simple but powerful and energizing. Give it a try and see for yourself!

8 Easy Steps for Clearing Your Space with Crystals
8 Easy Steps for Clearing Your Space with Crystals

Crystalline Space Clearing Rituals

1. Pick a day when you can have your windows wide open. Doing this on a New Moon or Full Moon is even better because your intentions and their effects will be amplified. Full Moon is the perfect time for letting go of thoughts/beliefs/items/energies that you don’t want in your life any longer, and the New Moon is for bringing in new, clear, fresh energy to manifest what you desire.

2. Gather white sage or palo santo wood, your favorite crystals, and a bowl of water.

3. Play your favorite music if you wish, as it raises the energy even more.

4. Make sure the room you want to clear is free from clutter and anything unnecessary.

5. Burn the sage or palo santo wood and walk around the room in a clockwise manner, stating your intentions of what you wish to clear OUT (fear, doubt, anger, self-loathing, etc.). Be sure to smudge (burning the sage/palo santo) over your crystals as well, and if you can, place them in a sunny window for more clearing.

6. Place a bowl of purified water in the center of the room, and if you know what crystals are safe to include IN the water (not all of them like water), place them carefully in the bowl.

7. Center yourself with breath, standing calm and strong, and state your intentions of what you wish to PLACE IN THE SPACE: love, joy, freedom, bliss, calm, peace, etc. Saying it out loud or even singing it is wonderful. The vibrations of these positive words are 'captured' in the water. When you feel complete, pour the water into your drinking glass or water bottle to drink these energies.

8. Place the energized crystals from the bowl or your space around the room as reminders of this new clarity and peace.

WHOOOOO HOO! Doesn't it feel great to have a fresh new space?! EnJOY it and soak it in!

Let me know how it went in the comments below.

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