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Holistic Living

Top 3 Selenite Healing Tips

Selenite is a favorite stone to include in your space and your everyday living to help stay clear and balanced. Here are our Top 3 Tips for bringing Selenite energy into your life! 1) MEDITATION Selenite is a greatly underutilized stone for your meditations.

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I Am Filled with Energy

Affirmations and intentions are powerful. They shift our mindset to positive, life-filled thoughts. These affirmations are shared as a way to uplift your energy. Repeat them daily as needed. To include crystal energy with your affirmation, a few ideas: Program a Quartz Crystal with

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You are Here to be Free

You are here to be FREE. In all ways, always. FREEDOM! The reason you came to this planet as a human is to become the full, beautiful, radiant HUMAN that you are right now and always. So many people grow up learning to be

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Yoga for Heart Opening

We are moving into a time of beautiful heart opening. There are numerous ways you can help this process energetically, emotionally, and mentally. Being on a spiritual path myself for many years, I’ve noticed a trend that we tend to ignore our physical bodies.

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