Crystals to Help You Thrive During Uncertain Times

crystals to help you thrive during uncertain timesAs the earth and our society go through immense shifts these days, we do too. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual changes are happening daily, and if we are more conscious of the shifts, dealing with them becomes easier.

Lucky for us, the crystal kingdom is really stepping up to help us through these changes. By tapping into these naturally occurring gifts of the earth, we can receive their guidance and support and give ourselves a boost of energy.

Why are crystals so powerful and how do they work?

Crystals are energy tools that are living, vibrant beings, no different than anything else in nature. They all have their own personalities and energies, just as each person or tree or mountain range does; they can be majestic, soft, energizing, peaceful, accepting, sharp, soothing.

The crystal kingdom works at a subtle level. Each crystal interacts with our energetic bodies, helping us learn how to embody their specific qualities within ourselves. The more we work with a specific crystal, the more our bodies maintain a new state of balance and wholeness.

Crystals alone will not "heal" us, as nothing external can; we can only do it ourselves. What they can do is reflect back to us what is already within us. Just as other people come into our lives for a reason and are mirrors back to us, crystals offer the same reflection.

So how do we use crystals and stones?

Your intention is key; do you want to open to a new state and have the crystal assist you? Welcome a stone into your life just as you would a new healing practitioner; invite it to work with you.

• Create a space for it in your home
• Place it on your nightstand to connect with you as you sleep
• Carry it in your pocket or purse, or as a woman, even in your bra
• Sit with it in meditation

Anything you intuitively feel works for you, use it, as there is no right or wrong way.

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For instance, are you feeling overwhelmed by changes in your job, relationships, living arrangements? Grab a soothing Blue Lace Agate or Mangano Calcite to calm your nerves. Both act as a comforting embrace.

If you want to create a new business, ask Carnelian or Garnet to assist with the creation, enlivening life force, energy, and passion.

Rose Quartz, a stone I personally believe everyone on the planet should have, can open your heart to new possibilities in all ways, including new relationships, learning to love yourself with acceptance and peace, and seeing the beauty in all things.

The natural formations of Shiva Lingams from India invite us to balance our feminine and masculine aspects and be more peaceful with the world. As the world around us experiences natural disasters, governmental upheaval, dire poverty, and unkind acts, Shiva Lingams feel supportive of finding our own inner strength to get through life with a little more balance.

Do you have physical restrictions and pain? Amethyst's gifts can help us clear physical and emotional toxins from our body (since all physical ailments begin in our emotions), bringing us to a deeper state of relaxation and calm.

Know that not every crystal quality you read about in a book (or above) is exactly how they will present themselves to you. Crystals will work individually with you and your energetic bodies. Allow yourself to feel intuitively what they might offer your life. Their gifts and uses are unlimited and a true gift from nature, especially in shifting times.

Do you have a certain crystal you use during changes? Let us all know below in comments!

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