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  • Kunzite mini heart love compassion joy
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Pink Kunzite Mini Hearts: LOVE


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Oooh sweet and gorgeous Pink Kunzite. It is a form of spodumene, which has numerous colors and is high in lithium content. Kunzite is a rarer stone and has a light pink striated or layered form. These pieces are TINY! They’d be perfect for a crystal grid or in a small bag if you are carrying it with you.


It is divine feminine energy in action. Kunzite will activate your heart energy with joyful Love. It reminds us of unconditional love for ALL.

Kunzite has a very gentle, sweet energy that is supportive and nurturing. This stone is one that whispers quietly to us about how important it is for self love and self care. Being good to your SELF is its message.

Size is around 1/4″, give or take.
Will be intuitively chosen for you.


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Kunzite mini heart love compassion joyKunzite mini heart love compassion joyPink Kunzite Mini Hearts: LOVE

Availability: In stock

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