Labradorite: Psychic Opening


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These nice sized pieces of polished magical Labradorite are full of shimmery blue, gold, and greens, and fit great in the palm of your hand.

Labradorite helps us see the beauty in all situations (seeing beneath the surface), aids in our intuition during transformation, and can help us release judgement of our “shadow selves” and understand that we need both light and dark to survive.

Labradorite can cut through negative emotions to leaves you feeling positive.

This stone helps access Akashic records to support our present or Spiritual purpose. It is a third eye stone to open up our psychic abilities. It is great for adapting to new energies and integrating them into your creative structure without impact or overwhelm. Labradorite connects us to a light grid of galactic energies.

Roughly 1 1/2″ – 2 1/2″ in size.

Will be intuitively chosen for you.

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