• Cobaltocalcite with Shattuckite
  • Cobaltocalcite with Shattuckite
  • Cobaltocalcite with Shattuckite

Cobaltocalcite with Shattuckite: Inner Truth


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Cobaltocalcite with Shattuckite is a unique combination from the heart of Africa, with a rich dusty pink color with spots of blue-green Shattuckite.

Cobaltocalcite is a heart chakra stone of love and compassion, helping to bring peace and harmony to relationships. It promotes forgiveness, self-love, and a deep sense of emotional healing. This crystal enhances intuition and encourage spiritual growth, making it a popular choice among those on a spiritual journey.

Shattuckite, on the other hand, is a stone of communication and truth. It helps open the throat chakra, allowing for clear and honest communication. This gemstone is also known to promote inner strength and encourage self-discipline, making it a useful tool for those looking to overcome personal challenges and achieve their goals. It can enhance psychic abilities and intuition, making it a useful tool for those on a spiritual path.

Cobaltocalcite with Shattuckite helps balance the heart and throat chakras, allowing for a deeper connection to one’s emotions and inner truth.

These pieces are roughly 1.5″ in size, and are sold as PAIRS of 2 pieces. They vary in size and shape.
Will be intuitively chosen for you.


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