Flower Agate: Blooming


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These new find agates from Madagascar are so unique and beautiful! It is a variety of Plume Agate, which is the opaque, white chalcedony and has 3-dimensional depth. They look like cherry tree blossoms. They are truly limited in stock and may not be found again soon. They are nicely shaped ovals, great for pockets or holding in your hand.

Flower Agate speaks of synchronicity, zest for life, and lusciousness unfolding, if you’re willing to “go for it” and just surrender to the universes plans for you.

It is about ‘blooming’ into the life you want to create, being present in your $exual and alive body, and living with passion! Who doesn’t need that?

Flower Agate will help you to filter through the fears, clearing the path for you to grow and unfold into your highest potential. Flower Agates carries a gentle feminine vibration that will reduce stress with nourishing and nurturing energy.

Roughly 2.5″ x 2″ in size.
Will be intuitively chosen for you.


♥ All crystals are energetically cleansed and blessed before shipping to its new owner.

♥ We take every step to pack with great care, and often reuse shipping materials to help the environment.

♥ A portion of all purchases are donated to charities close to our heart, including Melanoma Research and Mental Health support.


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