Chakra Tumbled Crystal Set: Healing


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Chakra’s are energy centers within and around our body, and while we have many of them, there are seven main chakra’s. Using crystals to activate, balance, and heal our chakra's is a wonderful way to work with both crystals and our chakra's.

Set includes these crystals:

Crown Chakra ~ Quartz {Clarity}
Third Eye ~ Amethyst {Intuition}
Throat ~ Lapis Lazuli {Truth}
Heart ~ Aquamarine {Love}
Solar Plexus ~ Gold Aventurine {Centering}
Sacral ~ Orange Aventurine {Passion}
Root ~ Red Jasper {Life}
Also includes a hand-polished Selenite for keeping all the crystals clear.

Comes in a blue velvet pouch for storage.

Use the crystals as a layout on your body as you meditate, or individually on each chakra. Carry them with you, sleep with them, or place them in your home.

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