• Energy Shield Protection crystal set
  • Energy Shield Protection crystal set
  • Energy Shield Protection crystal set

Energy Shield Crystal Set


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At times, shielding your energy from other people, computers, EMFs, or negative energies is vital.

This one of a kind Crystal Set created with crystals and stones is supportive of grounding, protection, and shielding energies that are harmful.

Our custom Crystal Set includes

One Tumbled Pocket Stone of:
> Black Tourmaline – protects one from negative influences, including EMFs.
> Shungite – dissolves negative energy and filters psychic pollutants.
> Labradorite – protects one from psychic attack, evil spirits, and misfortune.
> Obsidian – cleanses negative energy from one’s auric field and environment.

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♥ All crystals are energetically cleansed and blessed before shipping to its new owner.

♥ We take every step to pack with great care, and often reuse shipping materials to help the environment. We ship with great care.

♥ A portion of all purchases are donated to charities close to our heart, including Melanoma Research and Mental Health support.

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