• Flower Agate tower
  • Flower Agate tower
  • Flower Agate tower
  • Flower Agate tower
  • Flower Agate tower
  • Flower Agate tower
  • Flower Agate tower
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Flower Agate Tower: Blooming


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Flower Agate is a unique mineral, a variant of Plume Agate, boasts a mesmerizing opaque white chalcedony with captivating 3-dimensional depth, resembling delicate cherry tree blossoms. These towers are perfect for your your home decor, a crystal grid, or to cradle in your hand for meditation.

Flower Agate speaks of synchronicity, a zest for life, and the unfolding lusciousness that awaits those who are ready to embrace the universe’s plans. This gemstone signifies a journey of ‘blooming’ into the life you desire, fostering presence in both your sensual and vibrant body, and igniting a life lived with unbridled passion.

Unlock the potential for personal growth as Flower Agate aids in navigating through fears, clearing the path to your highest potential. Its gentle feminine vibration brings forth stress-relieving energies, providing a nurturing and nourishing influence on your well-being. Elevate your spiritual journey and immerse yourself in the transformative power of Flower Agate.

You can choose your piece or we’ll choose for you.


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