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Black Mica (Biotite): Harmony


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VERY RARE stunning stone! Black Mica, also mineralogically known as Biotite, is not one that is typically found on the metaphysical market. Mica is a type of silicate that forms in paper thin layers. These pieces are lovely, chunky palm stones with lots of gold flash!

Black Mica is a stone to help you recognize flaws without self-criticism, bringing insight to habits or traits that may need shifting.

It helps maintain the best quality of your thoughts and the order of how you process new information. It will encourage you to look at yourself in a new way with emotional and mental balance.

This stone can bring harmony to all aspects of your life. Because it is a Crown Chakra stone, raising consciousness as well as focusing on intentions is a gift of this stone. It can bring in positive action, improving your capability to enjoy life to its fullest and removing negativity.

Black Mica, even though it is black, is a Crown Chakra opener and is a wonderful meditation and channeling stone. This can help with spiritual insight and connection, as well as opening to more intuitive information.

Roughly 1.5″ x 1″ x 1.5″
Will be intuitively chosen for you.


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Black MicaBlack MicaBlack Mica (Biotite): Harmony

Availability: In stock

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