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We are THRILLED and honored to announce a whole new exclusive line of Crystalline Light created planners and journals!

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Writing down your intentions and desires is important for manifesting whatever you may want for your life. Adding it into your planner for the year is a simple way to keep strengthening your intentions, while still keeping your life organized. But then, add CRYSTAL energy into the mix, and you have MAGIC!

We wanted to create a one of a kind (and as far as we know, the FIRST of its kind) planner that combines your intention setting with crystal vibrations. It's your daily, weekly, or monthly reminder that crystals and gemstones are here to support us in many ways, AND it is a crystal workbook filled with crystal tips and area's to write your own crystal experiences. Amp up your 2020 with crystal vibes!


My Crystal Journal is designed for writing your personal notes about your own crystal experiences and meditations. Working with crystals can bring you gifts such as deeper meaning in life and a better sense of yourself while you create a deeper relationship with crystals. This one of a kind journal has 55 crystals listed one to a page for your notes, and blank pages for adding your own crystals. It also a method for tuning into your crystals and building a connection to them.

55 crystals & gemstones  |  26 Blank Pages to write your own crystal & gemstone names
Introductory tips on how to connect with your crystal  |  Wide ruled lines for ease of writing
Convenient 6" x 9" in size

Enjoy tracking your crystal healing experiences in style!


We have an exclusive beginner's Crystal Set available in our online shop! A set of 10 crystals to get you started with your Crystal Journal!



NEW Crystalline Light Blank Journals

One day not long ago we decided we wanted a blank journal with a crystal on the cover. Could we find one we loved? Nope. So we made our own! And now it's time to share with you! Crystal journals have beautiful gemstone and minerals on the covers, and blank lined pages on the interior. They were infused with crystal energy during their creation and are sent out with lots of love. You can use them to write down your daily thoughts or journaling your hearts desires. They can be used for notes about your personal crystal healing thoughts or sessions, tracking your crystal meditations, recording your gemstone purchases, or taking notes on your gem and crystal collections. Use the journals for project ideas, school notes, daily tasks, self discovery goals, art project ideas, or anything you can dream! Additional crystal designs will be continuously added!

6 x 9 Notebooks are $9.99. 8.5 x 11 Notebooks are $11.99.

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