Jennifer Salness

Jennifer Salness is a Crystal Intuitive, Teacher, and Online Shop Owner. Her passion for crystals and stones began at a young age and she has been working with them professionally for over 20 years. Through working with the crystals directly, she has developed her own style of teaching with practical, every day applications, and has a grounded and yet spiritually connected manner. She is certified in and has studied numerous holistic healing methods and had a successful private healing practice for many years. The mineral kingdom continues to amaze and teach her directly through experience. She has written for publications on crystals, has presented classes in person and online, presented workshops at expo's and events around the US, and been a guest on radio shows for many years. She is owner Crystalline Light, an online shop offering high quality and high energy crystals, stones, handcrafted Crystal Mists, gemstone jewelry, and other gifts. Jennifer is also currently a consultant for creative businesses and a writer, and the previous founder of an online holistic magazine and event planner. Her core passion through all of her entrepreneurial endeavors is helping clients find crystal clarity in their life or business so they can move forward to create the life of their dreams!

Spiritual Distraction Is Holding You Back!

What are you feeling this fall? Are you getting through the Solar Eclipse/Full Moons/Mercury Retrograde/blahblahblah energies? For many people it has been a whirlwind of “stuff”, but my reminder to you is that it IS all your choice as well. You REALLY DO have control over how you experience your life and energies. Choosing to go with the flow, just BE, and honestly, ignoring anything beyond …

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Crystalline Living in Transformational Times

Crystals and stones have been used throughout human history for ornament, jewelry, and science. In the New Testament, it’s stated that Jerusalem was built upon jasper, gold, and adorned with precious stones. Egyptian pharaoh’s used Lapis Lazuli and Malachite on their headpieces as a sign of stature and wealth. Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine healing systems have used gemstones for thousands of years and Mayan priests use …

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