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Find Your Inner Sparkle
Find Your Inner Sparkle!
Are you looking for more contentment? A deeper connection to life? Possibly looking for a new way to grow spiritually?
Your inner sparkle is where you have are your authentic SELF that radiates with light!
How do we access it?
Crystals, stones, flower & gem essences, essential oils, and other tools of transformation
are just one way to get that rock star centeredness.

They're just waiting to be put to use to help us create the life of our dreams and our spirits to GLOW!

8 Easy Steps to Any-Time-of-the-Year Clear Your Space Using Crystals

Spring – or ANY time of the year – is a perfect time for clearing out our stagnant, tired spaces and homes. Opening the windows, clearing out clutter, starting new projects – it all FEELS GOOD! WHY do we want to clear our homes or offices? When we live our every day lives, energy can…

Intuitive Tag! Get to Know Me Video!

Tag, I’m it! There is an “Intuitive Tag” video going around the online world with 15 questions about woo-woo stuff. A friend anonymously tagged me in it, so here ya go. In case YOU want to do this too, I will just TAG YOU in general instead of specific people. The questions are: 1. Share…

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