Special Vogel Cut crystals from Tucson Gem Show 2014

The Tucson buying trip always brings great connections and special stories. This year was no exception. They’ll be shared on my new blog soon. But for now, I have one story to share …

A little background first … Vogel cut crystals are a specific style of quartz healing wands developed by Marcel Vogel. Vogel was a top research scientist for IBM for many years (he was the inventor of LCD screens) and in his later years developed these special cuts on quartz as a way to maximize and transmit the energy of the crystal. There are varying forms of “Vogel cut crystals” on the market, most of them just named so because they are a similar cut, but are not true official Vogel cuts that are up to his specifications. {Read here.} Vogel himself trained many people with these specifications to carry on the tradition after his passing. There are also varying stories about WHO is an official Vogel cutter. Regardless, they are superduper special and rare crystals to own. On with the story …

Every single year I walk past a room at one show and see beautiful Vogel cut crystals through the window. Most years I glance and keep walking, knowing they’re above my price range to offer you. But for some reason it stopped me in my tracks and I went into the room. There were only a few large Vogel’s on the table, but they were stunning. I was pulled in and felt it energetically. As I picked up a very large wand I could feel this huge energy of pure light surround me. Looking at the end of the crystal was like gazing into infinity. Even my mom was taken with them and their clarity.

As we started talking to the two gentlemen in the room, we discovered that they did have smaller pieces still available, and I started looking at the tray. The talkative gentleman explained a bit about them, and then pointed out that Ray, the quieter man in sunglasses, was the cutter himself. And it turns out that Ray Pinto was a young man when he started working with Vogel himself. He learned the trade from Vogel and was the main cutter of three crystals (but only one was used) for the Superman Returns movie in the 1980s. As we talked I picked out a few crystals, including one with golden Rutiles for myself. Ray was wrapping them up for me and as he looked at that one, took his glasses down to look closer then nodded and smiled at me, affirming it was a stunning piece. I could have stood in the room all day. It was a pleasure to finally meet Ray and his assistant after 12 years, and I will be back to see him in Denver or Tucson again.

photo (1)SO. These are energetically really clear and really special crystals. Intuitively I know they are meant for our own personal work and not necessarily for healing work on other people (as a practitioner). Through using my own these past weeks, I know they are a catapult to clarity. There is an essence that comes in from Spirit while working with them (or just having them around), and I personally have discovered I can only have mine around for a period of time before I have to put it away until the next day. While they are small, they are powerful. If you are ready to move your life forward and gain clarity (which can happen in a variety of ways, just FYI), and if you intuitively KNOW one of these crystals is for you, contact me.

They will not be placed on my website for sale and they are limited in number. They range in size from 2″ to 1 1/8″. Prices will be quoted individually.

You can also view a short preview in the video below.

You will love them, I promise. :)

* * * * Update 4/15/2014: all are sold. Stay tuned this fall for more.