You’re Here to Be FREE

You are here to be FREE.

In all ways, always.


The reason you came to this planet as a human is to become the full, beautiful, radiant HUMAN that you are right now and always. So many people grow up learning to be bound by their parents (or teachers, grandparents, insert other adult figure here) beliefs, what they were told, and how to act, think, and be. We get stuck in this rigid frame of mind of who we are supposed to be. It is TIME to break out of those binds and release the Inner You!

Where are the rigid places within yourself that are longing to be released? Is there a frightened little six year old child that wishes it’s mother would hug it more? What experience as a teenager created your fear of public speaking? It is time and it is SAFE to explore what makes you scared, what brings you outside your comfort zone, and what holds you back from living an even richer life. We all have places that are dark and scary, but when you open your heart, look at them with a new perspective of “all is as it should be” (no judgement, we are always in the right place and experiencing the right things, as much as they can be a challenge), you can start to allow in the light of the Divine Universe to heal those pains. Healing the pain and rigidity brings freedom on more levels than you can imagine.

What gives YOU joy? What makes your heart sing?

DO those things. Do them OFTEN.

Do them with abandon!

The JOY and love of your passions allows in the light and allows the scary parts to be soothed and eased. There is a great deep freedom of mind and spirit when you heal your life that simply grows and grows the more you release what holds you back.

The Universe is there to hold your hand. Really, it is. We’re all here with you.

So why not just JUMP RIGHT IN and trust that you are creating an absolutely amazing experience?

Embrace your freedom and know that you are an AMAZING being of LOVE!


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