Spiritual Distraction Is Holding You Back!

What are you feeling this fall? Are you getting through the Solar Eclipse/Full Moons/Mercury Retrograde/blahblahblah energies? For many people it has been a whirlwind of "stuff", but my reminder to you is that it IS all your choice as well.

You REALLY DO have control over how you experience your life and energies. Choosing to go with the flow, just BE, and honestly, ignoring anything beyond your control is key. I know this won't be a popular statement with those of you (us) that feel and are sensitive to global energies, but it needs to be shared.

In my 15+ years of being aware of energy and consciousness I have noticed that so many people just turn their life over to what they feel, sense, read, believe about what is happening globally on an energetic level learned from channelings energy reports, psychic information, etc. If there is an article about how the Full Moon is causing you to be cranky and out of sorts, suddenly you are feeling cranky and out of sorts. Or if someone mentions the earthquakes in Bolivia caused them headaches for 3 days, maybe it's really that they have unresolved emotional issues from a past life in Bolivia OR they have a physical imbalance causing a headache. (Yes, both are physically possible.)

Not sleeping during a Full Moon? What if you considered drinking more water (which is deeply connected to moon cycles), eating more greens or just healthier in general, or getting more physically active during the day? Maybe you have a Vitamin D deficiency? You certainly don't have to be wide awake for 3 nights during a full moon IF you want to sleep.

I call this Spiritual Distraction.

It is giving our own power over to the spiritual and global energies around us rather than taking personal responsibility for our physical or emotional well-being. It is a distraction from living life, and it is most likely resistance to the real emotional or physical issues at hand.

YES it is all happening. YES it can be challenging on our physical, emotional, and mental selves. But NO you do not have to completely give your life to these energies. We can learn how to find physical or energy tools that keep you HERE and focused on the NOW, and you may not feel as wonky.

There are people who spend their entire days "processing", going through deep emotional struggles, sit in meditation for hours a day, and to what end? They are no further along in life than they were 5 years ago. Nothing changes, they struggle with daily life, they flop around with no purpose. In some regard It's ultimately resistance to what you don't want to DO or BE, and it's highly distracting from LIVING LIFE, being in the present moment, and ENJOYING this true gift that we are given.

Life can change in the blink of an eye, so if you aren't living it right now, think about the friend with cancer who regretted not seeing the Grand Canyon before she died or the veteran who was a vibrant active fun-loving person before he served his country but upon returning home was resigned to a wheelchair with 24 hour care because he was severely injured in a battle. What if you actually truly LIVED now?

screamingwomanBelieve me, I know all this personally. There were many years I spent feeling overwhelmed by "dense energies", afraid to go out into the world for fear of "getting an attachment", or going into hypermode to be productive when the "energies" felt good. People would ask, "How are you dealing with it all?" and we'd have long conversations about what was happening, feeding off each other with "Oh my gosh I felt that too!".

Eventually I came to realize that 1) we were giving credibility to even the tiniest thing even if it made no sense, and 2) I only felt those things because I wanted to feel connected to the group. My identity was deeply connected to being accepted and in line with this group, there was a very strong insulation happening that kept me from being ME. (That concept is a whole other blog post!)

There were indeed energies I was feeling from the Universe, but when I learned how to be more physically present, to take care of my body, to deal with my emotional crap, and to really tune into ME rather than the Universal energies, I pretty much stopped feeling it ALL. Granted, I get a little tired during big solar flares or a teeny cranky when there is a full moon. BUT I don't give over my life to it all. I give myself extra care and love, eat healthy, meditate, get my flower and gem essences out, and simply live my life focused on the things that give me joy (work, family, playing). Done.

WE are ultimately in control of our lives. WE are the one's who can choose to be balanced and whole ALL the time. We're not going to suddenly be spiritual by going to a yoga class and drinking green juice. When we take the time to look at our lives, go deep within ourselves for guidance and connection to the bigger picture of the All That Is/God/Spirit, work through our emotional baggage, then we might be a little more connected to a "spiritual" life.

My other suggestions for staying balanced?

*Get your BODY moving. Regularly. Dancing, yoga, walking, running, zumba, whatever floats your boat.
*Be conscious OF your body and what you physically need as far as nutrition, food, vitamins, water, etc.
*Meditate. Might seem a little counter-intuitive, but taking time for even 20 minutes of quiet, do nothing, just BE, can help you stay balanced.
*Breathe. Consciously, deeply, consistently.
*Use crystals. Grab your hematite, garnet, black tourmaline, shungite, etc, to help you stay grounded and present. {Temporarily put away the moldavite!}
*Have a LIFE! Do things that make you be out in the world, having fun, experiencing interesting things.

Now, of course, it takes time, consistency, and conscious behavior changes to make a shift. Most likely you'll still feel these energies, but consider not reading the reports, being authentic your own experience, and choosing to find balance and peace.

There is so much more I could write on this topic and other tangents of the topic, but would really like to hear YOUR take on this as well. Share your comments below!

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Distraction Is Holding You Back!”

  1. Great article. I love your comment about taking personal responsibility for how we are impacted and what we choose to do about it. Everything is a choice…it really is that simple and we ultimately control how we show up, what we allow to impact us, etc. Thank you for bringing this to light.

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