Rehome your Crystals

At times, crystals aren't loved any longer by their owners (which is perfectly acceptable!) and need a new home.

Our business is open to accepting crystals and gemstones that need a renewal and will share them on our website for sale.

How does it work?

We typically take larger items valued at over $50 retail. Crystals must not be chipped or damaged. We do not take anything that is heat-treated, man-made, or 'Aura' crystals, small or tumbled crystals (unless rare).

Share with us a description of the crystal, where and when it was purchased, including the price paid for it, and any important information about the crystal.

Rose Quartz Crystal
Take photos and short videos of the crystals. Photo quality is of utmost importance for us to determine if we'd like to sell it on your behalf. It is a reflection of our company. In at least one photo, include a coin, ruler, pen, or anything else that would illustrate relatable size, and use as natural, bright light as possible. Outdoor images are great.

Send images and info to

Once we decide which crystals are suitable for us to sell, we'll agree upon a reasonable retail price.

You'll get an email of acceptance and instructions for shipping the crystals to us. Ship your crystals in a sturdy Flat Rate USPS box, with each crystal bubble wrapped as much as possible, and filler so the crystals do not move within the package. For your security, we request adding insurance for the value of the contents. Ship it within 4 days of when we accept your crystals. When we receive items that are damaged or not as expected, they will not be shipped back to you or sold.

Crystalline Light then will add the crystal to our website shop. Our fee is 50% of the selling price. When it has sold, you will receive payment via PayPal.

If the crystals have not sold within 3 months, we will place a discount on the items for 30% off for one month. If after the 4 months, the item has not sold, we can negotiate either a 50% discount on the crystal, of which you would receive 25%, OR we'll invoice you for shipping the crystal back to you.

Just let us know!

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