• Moonstone intuition divine feminine moon
  • Moonstone intuition divine feminine moon
  • Moonstone intuition divine feminine moon

White Moonstone: Intuition


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Unique White Moonstone that includes black tourmaline inclusions. These pieces are BIG, chunky, and have a ‘matte’ finish (not glossy). They are energetically awesome, but may not have the normal “flash” of Moonstone one expects.

It is all about the divine feminine energy, moon cycles (physically and honoring the earthly moon cycles). It dissolves our fears about our life purpose, and helps with dreams and opening our intuition. Helps with a clearer connection to the angelic realm.

Moonstone can dissolve fears of soul purpose and allow more light in to our cells.

Use this stone to understand your dreams. This is a really great stone to help with pregnancy, childbirth, and menstrual issues.

Around 1.5″ – 2″ in size.
Will be intuitively chosen for you.


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Moonstone intuition divine feminine moonMoonstone intuition divine feminine moonWhite Moonstone: Intuition

Availability: In stock

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