• Shangaan Amethyst
  • Shangaan Amethyst
  • Shangaan Amethyst
  • Shangaan Amethyst
  • Shangaan Amethyst
  • Shangaan Amethyst
  • Shangaan Amethyst
  • Shangaan Amethyst

Shangaan Amethyst: Connection


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This exquisite Shangaan Amethyst is an extraordinary crystal sourced from Zimbabwe’s Chibuku Mine. This rare gem is a captivating fusion of Amethyst, Clear Quartz, and Smokey Quartz adorned with Red Hematite Inclusions. Infused with the possibility of Enhydro’s (water bubbles), these crystals exhibit unique formations, including Skeletal/Fenster, Elestial, and Scepter varieties.

Harvested through eco-friendly practices mandated by Chief Gezani, the guardian of the mine, they have a commitment to sustainability includes planting five trees for every one cut and meticulous hole refilling. Cherished by villagers for generations, these crystals are now unveiled to the world.

This particular piece is Double Terminated, featuring multiple terminations on one end and enriched with Lepidocrocite inclusions.

Symbolizing divine feminine power, Shangaan Smoky Amethyst crystals are perfect for enhancing self-confidence and leadership skills, making them an ideal choice for women embarking on entrepreneurial journeys or embracing new leadership roles.

These potent energy activators swiftly remove blockages, establishing a seamless connection between upper and lower energy centers. Radiating love and joy, Shangaan Amethyst crystals are versatile and highly recommended for energy healing.

This piece is 1.25″ x .75″ in size.
You get this exact piece.

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