See Ya 2020 Home Blessing Kit

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Ready to say SEE YA to 2020?

Who isn’t?

We’ve gathered our favorite tools to clear your home of bad juju from 2020 and to get it ready for an awesome 2021!

As time goes on, especially during times of stress and chaos, our homes can hang on to energies we don’t need any longer. By clearing them out, we create a neutral and clear space that is more conducive to happy living.

THEN, with your intentions and desires in mind, you can also do a HOME BLESSING ritual to set the tone for the New Year. Think of it as an Energetic Resolution for 2021. What do you want to create? What do you want to FEEL for the New Year? What is your heart longing for? What do you want to manifest?

This kit is designed to help you bring it all IN!

This one of a kind kit includes: 

1 White Sage wand 
1 Palo Santo stick
1 Abalone Shell

1 Sacred Space Mist
1 6″ Selenite Polished Wand
1 Bag of Himalayan Salt
1 Raw Rose Quartz
1 Citrine Herb Tealight Candle

This kit ALSO INCLUDES DIGITAL gift downloads designed by Crystalline Light to help you focus your intentions, create your new year, and more:
How to clear your space
How to do a home blessing
Releasing & Gratitude for 2021 Worksheet
Welcoming 2021 with your Intentions Worksheet
Word of the Year for 2021 Worksheet
Printable Energized Crystal Grid for Your Word
A BONUS Musical Meditation to clear and energize your space and self

The digital items will be available as soon as you order, so watch your screen to download. You have 3 chances to download, and the links expire after 4 days.

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