Pineapple Quartz


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    Sweet Pineapple or Candle quartz is given its name because of the similarity to a Pineapple exterior, or the wax dripping down the sides of a candle, and it is part of the Elestial family. It is a milky quartz that has formed over a ‘regular’ quartz crystal point, which on this piece can be seen clearly on the base. It has details of tiny points growing all over the crystal. The tip is broken off

    Personally, we call this Goddess Quartz because of the gentle feminine energy. It radiates love with nurturing and comforting energy.

    This crystal is a light-bringer for the planet and individuals. Pineapple Quartz aids in accessing ancient libraries of knowledge, as it holds information on higher life purpose or past lives. It helps open the crown chakra to access intuitive, spiritual information. This crystal is excellent for meditation and connections to angels and guides.

    Goddess Pineapple Quartz connects your spiritual visions with real life.

    ❤ Size 4.5″ x 2″
    ❤ ONE OF A KIND!


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