• Love Bath Kit Ritual
  • Love Bath Kit Ritual
  • Love Bath Kit Ritual
  • Love Bath Kit Ritual

Love Crystal Bath Kit


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You are love. Love is everything. We can offer love and compassion to ourselves with this Bath Kit.

Our Love Crystal Bath Kit is all about bringing you back to the center of LOVE. It will assist in clearing your aura and healing your body at the same time. This bath is recommended when you need self care, compassion, and a sense of peace for your self.

Crystal Bath Kits are intentionally created to bring the energy of crystals into your energetic field with support and light.

Items include:
1 Bag of Raw Rose Quartz chunks with a Clear Quartz tumble – to bring you back to the energy of love
1 Bag Pink Himalayan Salt – essential minerals for your body to heal
1 Bag Pure Magnesium Flakes – mineral to help you relax
1 Love Ready to Use Essential Oil – a few drops added to the bath for energy renewal
1 Palo Santo Stick – for clearing yourself and space before a bath

Each package includes instruction on your Bath Ritual, and you can also use it as you so choose.


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