• Lavender Rose Quartz
  • Lavender Rose Quartz
  • Lavender Rose Quartz
  • Lavender Rose Quartz

Lavender Rose Quartz: Spiritual Love


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ONE OF A KIND A new find of Lavender Rose Quartz. It is much more purple-ish in hue than typical Rose Quartz, and is found in one location in Brazil. It gets the lavender rose colored hue from the presence of mineral inclusions, such as titanium or manganese. There is discussion about it being ‘Rose Quartz” or its own form of Lavender Quartz.

Lavender Rose Quartz is all about a higher Spiritual Love. It helps us connect to a deep inner space within ourselves for Self Love. The energy of Lavender Rose Quartz is soothing and calming.

Lavender Rose Quartz is perfect for connecting us to Goddess energy, honoring yourself for the inner Goddess that you are (whether female or male), and being in touch with the soft, feminine, yet powerful energies.

The heart chakra connection to this stone is strong, aiding in opening your heart to compassion, unconditional love, and permission to love your SELF.

This sphere is 2″ in size.
ONE OF A KIND. You get this exact stone.


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