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Jade: Prosperity


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Jade is a beautiful light green color. It is a revered stone in Chinese culture, representing luck and prosperity. There are two distinct different forms of Jade; this is what is known as “New Jade” or Jadeite, and is a form of Serpentine.

It is a great stone for tranquility and peace, longevity, and good luck.

Jade is an abundance stone and will attract what you desire as long as it comes from your heart.

This is a heart chakra stone and can help lift energy from stuck to peace with sweet nurturing. It assists us with integrating new energies into our lives, hearts, and bodies after changes and challenges. Jade reminds us to replenish our energy with meditation and self care. This stone clears all our chakra’s with balancing light.

Heart shapes are are around 1″ x .5″ in size.



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