Gemstone Facial Rollers

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    Jade Facial Rollers have been used by royalty and ‘high society’ members in China since the 17th century for reducing puffiness and minimizing fine lines of the face. With gentle pressure, they massage the lymphatic system with circulation and drainage. They include a larger roller used for cheeks, jaw, forehead, and a smaller stone for below the eyes and around the mouth.

    The physical results will be smoother skin and energetic results will be more calm and peace.

    It’s a beautiful way to add crystal energy to honoring your Divine Feminine radiant being that you are always!

    Both Jade and Rose Quartz rollers provide the same result, but with different energy. Jade is a heart chakra stone connected with abundance and good luck. Rose Quartz is all heart and compassion, especially for your SELF in this case.

    Gemstone Facial beauty rollers can

    + Improve blood circulation and skin tone
    + Improve elasticity of the skin
    + Promote lymphatic drainage
    + Reduce puffiness and wrinkles
    + Reduce dark circles
    + Eliminate toxins

    To use it, start with a clean face. Apply gentle pressure while rolling the tool from the center of your face in upward and outward motions. For extra coolness, you can keep the roller in the refrigerator.

    Enjoy the LOVE of radiant skin!


    Jade Roller, Rose Quartz Roller

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