Exclusive Lapis Lazuli Crystal Journal


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The perfect sized Lapis Lazuli crystal blank notebook is ready for a multitude of uses, and will look beautiful on your bookshelf, desk, or on your nightstand. It is designed to be used as your daily journal of life, a crystal healing journal, jotting your crystal collection notes, a daily morning pages journal, or anything you can dream up. Gemstones and minerals are a beautiful addition to your daily lifestyle routine.

Suggested Uses:
Gratitude Journal
Meditation Notes
Crystal Healing Notebook
Boss Lady Business Notebook
Crystal Collector Notes
Self Improvement Goals
Manifesting Lists
Art Project Lists
Yoga Journal
To Do Lists

Our blank notebooks and journals make wonderful gifts for any occasion for any crystal healer, nature lover, spiritual seeker, or anyone who appreciates beautiful nature.

Lined Pages
152 pages
6″ x 9″ in size
Glossy Paperback

Available worldwide!

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