Distance Crystal Healing


Crystals and stones offer great support of emotional and spiritual healing. Combined with a Universal Life Force that is always present, we can begin to shed what no longer serves us.

A Distance Crystal Healing is a session for your wellness. It is a meditative, sacred space created specifically for YOU. If you have a specific thing you’d like healing for, or even if you want a general session, this is a wonderful gift to yourself.

How’s it work? It’s not much different than an in person session, other than we can both be in the comfort of our own homes. I gather crystals and stones in a crystal grid, sit in a healing space, and offer energy healing from a space of Divine Consciousness using energy healing, crystal bowls, and other tools. Healing knows no time or space, so it’s perfect!

My background includes studying numerous energy healing modalities, psychic and intuitive development, spiritual development, and holistic healing for professional and personal development. For over 15 of these years I have taught many classes ranging from Reiki, crystals, flower essences, energy healing, grounding, energetic boundaries, and more. My own wellness and spirituality has roots and foundations in everyday practicality and yet is still connected to something profoundly deep within myself AND the Universe.

With my skills and first-hand experience, it’s my joy to offer ways that we can work together for your own well-being and vitality.


Distance Crystal Healing sessions are $44.44.

Once an order is placed, you can email me with your intention for a session. Please include a statement about how you wish to FEEL after your session. If you’re unsure, that’s okay. I set a DAY for the session, but we don’t schedule a specific time. Once it’s complete, I’ll email you any notes I may have for you about what I felt or the crystals involved.

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