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Crystal Mist Full Set


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Handcrafted by Crystalline Light.

Mist your face to refresh your spirit
Mist your aura or body to balance your energy
Mist your environment to purify

Crystal Mists are created with high quality crystal and stone energy to raise the vibes around you! It is aromatherapy for the SOUL!

Crystalline Light Crystal Mists aren’t just your average body or room mist; they are a one of a kind, unique creation that have been loved by thousands since 1999. Their main foundation is an intuitively selected base of flower and gem infused energy, plus high quality organic essential oils and/or hydrosols (never from MLM companies). Each bottle is made individually by hand one by one with great care and love.

Get ONE EACH of our Crystal Mists at a reduced rate!

Root Crystal Mist
Unicorn Crystal Mist
Full Moon Crystal Mist
New Moon Crystal Mist
Abundance Crystal Mist
Sacred Space Crystal Mist
Love Crystal Mist
High Vibe Crystal Mist

Crystal Mist Ingredients:
Flower + Gem energy essences
Organic essential oils
Organic Vodka Preservative
Energized Water

1 fl oz bottles.
Shake well before misting. Separation is normal, so shaking the bottle disperses the oils evenly as you mist.
Store in a cool, dry, dark area.

Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Essential oils can stain fabrics or cause allergic reactions; please use with care. These products are not replacement for sound medical advice.

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