Columbian Lemurian Quartz: Transformation


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Powerfully and optically CLEAR amazing Lemurian Quartz crystals from Columbia are a stunning find. They are not common to find. It is identified as a Lemurian due to the growth ridges/barcodes of striations on alternating sides, a glossy finish. They come from near major Emerald mines. They are highly sought after by any crystal collector.

Lemurian Seed Crystals are a reminder for us to remember our innate gifts, to stay centered in LOVE, and help us access higher realms of wisdom. Very healing crystals, and they’re all about transformation!

High consciousness awakening is what comes to mind with these crystals. They are here to help us bring in light, truth, and alignment in big ways.

These Columbian Quartz crystals are a high vibration of love, and can be supportive to open the crown chakra to open up to higher consciousness energy. These pieces can help us access our soul purpose. If you are looking to detach or clear from old habits or emotions, this is a crystal for you.

They love to be used and are very powerful crystals for healing and transformation.

❤ 2.5″ x 1″

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