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Such a one of a kind Clear Quartz! It has a full main point with small Tabby crystals on one side, and a full Twin Double Terminated crystals growing out of one end! It has multiple baby points on it. The main face of the larger crystal is a Shovel, meaning it is larger than the other faces, and because it slants towards the rear of the crystal, it has an angle to “dig” so to speak.

You can use Clear Quartz to aid in solutions to your challenges. Shovels will open our eyes to more possibilities, and gives us the space and time to do so. They are here to help us access universal wisdom.

Clear Quartz brings clarity of thought. It aligns your energy with a state of harmony. It is excellent for healing on all levels, including the aura and all chakra’s, and can be programmed for your own intention for healing.

Clear Quartz amps up your intuition and inner knowing.

Quartz crystals will amplify the energy of other stones, thoughts, intentions. Use this crystal as a meditation focus or to amplify your intentions.

This piece is 3.5″ x 2″ x 1″ in size.

One of a kind!

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