Cataclosite Impact Stone: Centeredness


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Cataclosite is a variety of Cataclasite, which is formed when existing rock is fractured as a result tectonic movement or earthquakes or other high powered forces. This particular form is a combination crystal from the meteor impact site in the Nambi desert, Namibia. Cataclosite connects to all the chakras, so that energy can flow freely. It is the result of high powered forces that have transformed the original mineral compositions and thus retains the energy of transformation.

Cataclosite can help to ‘break’ deeply held emotional belief patterns that are no longer serving you, and begin to heal using your own innate healing system. This stone helps you embrace the challenges rather than fight them, and allows you to see the whole picture when making choices. It is HUGELY supportive during personal transformations, changes, or challenges. It will ground you into the Earth for support. This stone is here right now to help you remain calm while it may feel like everything around you is changing. It helps you stay centered while life may be swirling around you.

*** NOTE since we really want this stone in YOUR hands during these times, we are including a complimentary Selenite stone and Shungite stone with your order. THREE stones for the price of ONE! Stock is VERY limited on this stone. ***

Pieces are 1″ – 1.5″ in size.
Will be intuitively chosen for you.

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