• Bronzite focus alertness
  • Bronzite focus alertness
  • Bronzite focus alertness

Bronzite: Confidence


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Bronzite is a stunning stone that is a member of the pyroxene mineral family and is characterized by its metallic luster and bronze-like appearance.

One of the key metaphysical properties of Bronzite is its ability to ground and protect. This stone keeps you firmly rooted in the present moment, allowing you to stay focused on your goals and aspirations. At the same time, it is said to shield you from negative energies and psychic attacks, helping you to maintain a sense of inner peace and harmony.

Bronzite shares its ability to boost self-confidence and self-esteem. This stone aids in recognizing your own worth and value, and to encourage you to pursue your passions and dreams with confidence and courage. It can stimulate creativity and inspiration, making it a great choice for artists, writers, and other creative types.

In addition to these benefits, Bronzite is also believed to enhance mental clarity and focus. It is said to help you overcome indecision and procrastination, allowing you to make clear and decisive choices. This stone is also believed to improve your ability to concentrate, making it a great choice for students, professionals, and anyone who needs to stay focused and alert.

These tumbled stones are around 1″ in size and on the flat-ish side.
Will be intuitively chosen for you.


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