Blue Smoke Columbian Quartz Point: Expansion


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    Blue Smoke Quartz is a new find from a region in Colombia. They contain a transparency of blue-ish opalescence mist on the inside. It contains small silver and yellow-ish Cookeite crystals on the outside.

    These crystals are so amazing. They carry the energy of magic to reconnect you with your soul’s true purpose, raise your vibration, and connect you with the divine. This crystals can help you open your Akashic Records for information to live your highest spiritual life now. It connects you with angels and guides, and can assist in big life transformation and expansion.

    ❤ 3.5″ x .75″
    ❤ ONE OF A KIND!

    ►All crystals are energetically cleansed and blessed before shipping to its new owner.
    ►We take every step to pack with great care, and often reuse shipping materials to help the environment.
    ►A portion of all purchases are donated to charities close to our heart, including Melanoma Research and Mental Health support.

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