Blue Apatite: Perception

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Ooooo such LOVELY Blue Apatite stones! Their color ranges from light blue to a deep rich indigo blue, and a few stones have a beautiful shimmer to them. Nice big chunky palm sized stones!

Apatite is a great stone for manifesting! It helps bring our ideas into reality and clearing any unconscious blockages. It is a cleansing stone for our aura and the third eye chakra, helping us to see with our “inner eyes” through perception and consciousness of dimensions. Apatite can open us to deeper understandings, soul patterns, karmic influences, imbalances, and akashic information.

There is a uplifting energy from the blue ray of this stone. One of it's gifts is also communication and creativity, aligning us with higher energy for expression.

It's a very balancing stone.

Roughly 1 1/2″ to 2″ in size.

Will be intuitively chosen for you.

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