Open Your Third Eye Chakra with Crystals

Are you looking to awaken your intuition, psychic knowing, and inner knowledge? Your third eye is a chakra in the center of your forehead. It is an indigo blue color

The Third Eye chakra is the home of our intuition, innate knowing, and our connection to the world.

third eye chakra crystalline light

We all are intuitive. We all have that still small voice within that speaks to us either in subtle ways or sometimes in big large ways when we most need it. It is our sense of perception, how we connect with the world, and "feeling" our way in life. When our third eye is open and active, it can help us with clear thinking, mental clarity, and our personal awareness of the world around us. This chakra can assist with having a balanced world view, knowing that all is well and perfect as it should be right now. When we can work with our intuition and knowing, life can be an even grander experience of divine synchronicities and happenings.

Suggestions for Third Eye crystals:


Azurite ~ Blends flow between heart and third eye for clearer intuition and psychic development. Is a great for lucid dreaming and meditation. Develops creative consciousness and reprogramming our unconscious. I call it a "Buzzy stone", as some feel physical buzzing when placed on the third eye.

Sodalite ~ Encourages psychic opening, calms fears of psychic visions. This stone aids in letting go of control, and can clear cobwebs from the etheric body. It is a great stone for spiritual growth, development of wisdom. Stabilizes mental activity before meditation.

Working with all of these stones can open your third eye chakra. Use them in meditation, have them in your space, include them in your pockets and purse, create crystal grids … there are endless possibilities about how to use crystals.

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