Open Your Heart Chakra with Crystals

Chakra's are energy centers within and around our body, and while we have many of them, there are seven main chakra's. The heart chakra located at the heart center and is green or pink in color.

In my opinion, the heart chakra is the true center of all our chakra's, the "base" that keeps us most balanced. It is where we connect with ourselves and our world through our heart, with Love, compassion, understanding, and acceptance.

The heart is the gateway to our emotions. We can FEEL the world through our heart chakra, both positive and challenging. Our heart is where we truly find peace, joy, openness. It is all about deeply loving, forgiving, being intimate and vulnerable, and living our lives from a space of LOVE.

Crystals and stones offer us support and energy. They ARE truly the heart of the Earth. Their properties are no different than our own individual personalities, each unique and wonderful. And two pieces of the same stone will feel different, just as twins still have their own identity.

The stone kingdom is here to guide and support us, not necessarily to "heal" us, as only we can do that ourselves. They bring us awareness of energies within ourselves that we possess and can access at any time.

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The Heart chakra is located at our heart and is green or pink in color. It rules our heart, emotions, personal connections, compassion, open heartedness. It's joy, love, peace.

Suggestions for the Heart Chakra:

Rose Quartz ~ The most common heart chakra stone is Rose Quartz, a beautiful pink stone that reminds us to stay centered in our hearts, to be loving towards ourselves and others, and to allow love to envelop us.

Malachite ~ Malachite is a deep green stone that brings balance, strong heart centering, and transformation. It can help us move through fear and into breakthrough, replenishing our energy, and without overwhelm. Malachite brings emotional stability.

Mangano Calcite ~ This stone feels like a big hug from your favorite grandmother while she wraps a quilt around you. It is all about comfort, calm, peaceful love.



Rhodonite ~ This stone strengthens feminine energy with love and compassion, and yet unbending strength even while going with the flow. It helps us be gentle, expand our heart, and allow for grace.

Working with all of these stones can open your heart chakra. Use them in meditation, have them in your space, include them in your pockets and purse, create crystal grids ... there are endless possibilities about how to use crystals.


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